Wednesday, November 19, 2008

company of friends

i spent this past weekend in the catskills at a folk music conference, where lots of  folk musicians and music folk gather and eat, drink and sleep music for days. (...well not sleeping so much)

the time spent there is teeming with tiny beautiful moments. the clip below was the jewel in the crown.

the guy singing and playing is my friend danny schmidt. He is one of the best songwriters on the planet. I mean it. he invited me and a few other dear friends to join him on this tune. the sound is a bit fuzzy but you get the idea. i'm all the way to the left next to raina rose, chris o'brien, anthony da costa, melissa greener and a.j. roach.

they are all amazing singers and songwriter too so please check them out!!!   -ce

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Kathy said...

I agree... this was just one of many magical moments at NERFA. My heart was in my throat throughout this one, Chuck. I am proud to be in this wonderful 'Company of Friends.'