Tuesday, November 11, 2008

change has come...

this country is a different place . yes, it happened overnight. no, it wasn't any new policies, or changed style of government, or magnanimous politicians or any new law passed or old one overturned or upheld.  it wasn't the words or wisdom of any one person.

we have a black President. an african-american President of the United States. it was a collective wisdom that made that happen. it has been a very very long time coming but...it happened overnight. and we are the better for it. this was a leap. this country is a different place.

the details don't matter right now. the big picture is out of our peripheral vision. policies, strategies, promises kept or broken, all that will happen is unknown. but...

for right now, take it in. the signing of the declaration of independence, the emancipation proclamation, or the reading of the gettysburg address. the world became a different place. with a snap of the fingers.  i think this is one of those moments. 

another collective moment of overnight transformation was 9/11. that was the only moment akin to this in my lifetime till now. though that was a day of horror and this is the opposite. that, a leap backward, this, a leap forward. change has come. how it manifests only time will tell. but for now...i say, take it in.

An NPR Analyst named Dan Schorr said very much the same thing but put it this way.
Click here to hear his commentary.

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