Thursday, June 5, 2008

Back from Texas!


I'm back from my tour to Texas with Chris O'Brien. We played tons of music and travelled thousands of miles of open road.  My goal on this trip was to keep a road journal day to day as the trip ensued. I have come up a bit short in that the trip is over BUT....

I have taken a plethora of photos that i have posted here. 
And I will give you a few of the trip highlights:
A session on WBVX radio in Knoxville, TN (home of one of my favorite authors Cormac McCarthy) Chris and I played an amazing show called "The Blue Plate Special" to a live audience. Here's one of the tunes i played.

I recorded a session for WBDX radio out of Carbondale IL. We recorded live backstage at the Kerrville Folk Festival. It was a late night session in the round with Chris O'brien, Datri Bean, Robby HechtHans York, Devin Sproule, Rebecca Loebe and Melissa Greener. There were alot of songs, laughs and no shortage of alcohol. All of these folks are amazing people and musicians. Check it out! The piece was recorded in 4 parts which you can hear here:

Well, that's just a glimpse. Keep an eye out for future postings. I'm always on the road and looking forward to seeing you soon :)