Monday, October 6, 2008

a note on the title of this blog


i took the title of this blog, "Just So Stories," from a book written by the eminent writer Rudyard Kipling (the Jungle Book.)   it is filled with tales of talking cats, camels, whales, kangaroos and jaguars in an enchanted world when the world was just beginning. a few years ago i released an album called Never Seen a Jaguar. 

i wrote the music to the words of Kipling's poems
. at the time, i discovered a deep connection with Kipling's writing. he manages to blend the innocence of childhood in equal part with the wisdom of experience. he taps into themes and ideas that transcend age or time. and this is something i always find myself aspiring to in my songwriting as there's the connection.

"just so", to me, is a zen-like notion. its the way we see the world when we are kids. it is as it is...the all its wonder, mystery, tragedy, joy, beauty, banality and on and on. right there in front of you. without judgement. clearly and innocently. that's how i aspire to see the world. in all its "just so-ness." its also the lense with which i try to share my experiences through songs.  So these are my Just So Stories...

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